Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My trip to ULTA this past week

Quyen and I took a trip to ULTA and I LOVE THE PRODUCTS I HAVE PURCHASED: Urban Decay De slick$29, Cargo Blu-Ray Pressed Powder$30

So Skindinavia makes products such as finish sprays and setting sprays. I guess they made a line with urban decay because I noticed urban decays setting sprays had Skindinavia written on them. So I knew Urban Decay had an all nighter spray, but I saw that they had a mattifying spray also. Of course I rather have a controlled t-zone than have my make up last forever, besides the mattifying spray also said the make up will last for 16hrs, which is false. Anyways, it might not last for 16 hrs but I did spray it on my face after before and after foundation and it seemed to help control the oil. It might have been with the combination of the new powder I got also.
They have sprays to: set, for a Dewey appearence. and to moisturize.

I am not sure if it's the spray alone that's controlling my oil from the t-zone area or if its my foundation routine period.

This is my foundation routine:

  1. Moisturize with a face lotion
  2. Prime my face with the smashbox photo finish primer
  3. Spray de slick 3 times
  4. Use my makeup forever HD liquid foundation
  5. Under eye concealer (if needed)
  6. Use cargo blu-ray powder to set my foundation and concealer if used
  7. Spray de slick 2 more times

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