Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dissapointed -_-

So back around the end of April, Hautelook was having a sale on NYX cosmetics. I bought a set of 22 lip glosses for $26.50. I was looking forward to my package, and when my package came, UGHHH I was kind of disappointed  I think I would only wear about 5 of the colors. The rest are colors I would never wear. They were mostly really dark shades of burgundy, browns, and purples, and some dark reds. It came with some glittery lip glosses that are straight up all glitter. One of them was a silver lip gloss which was literally a gloss with massive amounts of silver glitter. One was a sheer pink shade but the glitters were like rainbow colored when reflected with light. I feel like it's such a waste. I was thinking about using the glitter lipglosses for the eyes, but when the gloss is spread out almost all the glitter just smears off. Any suggestions I can do with the glosses I rather not use for my lips? Has anyone ever used lip glosses for anything else? Picture is below, excuse me for the bad quality, I took it in a rush with my phone; I wasn't in any type of hyped mood to care to take it with my digital camera.

Gas where I live is starting to get ridiculously high. $4.09/gallon for REGULAR. Vintage Makeup made a post about the "Rediscover Challenge," and I am going to try to do this because I need gas so less make up, haha.