Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not beauty related at all, but I had to post it.

First I want to give my regards and prayers to the families and loved ones who had lost someone from the tsunami in Japan; as for the victims who had suffered injuries or passed away in an unfortunate way, I believe you are all in a better place; please rest in peace.

NEXT, My roomate and I had purchased two bunnies. Mine is a Lionhead named Mochii and hers is a Holland Lopp names Tokii.

Meet Mochii

and meet Tokii

Okay, so supposedly, my little Mochii is a bully and harasses Tokii all the time. She goes in his cage and eats his food and plays with his toys instead of hers. I am currently at work right now, and she sends me pictures via text of how Mochii likes to scheme.

Our bunnies love it when the heat comes on the vent. As you can see, Tokii was there first, and Mochii is watching Tokii on the vent.
Now we can see Mochii's attempt at pushing Tokii off the vent.

Well pushing Tokii did not work, so she found her solution: Lay on top untill he moves.

That is all :)


  1. *GASP!!!!*

    they are TOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! so cute so cute so cute ahhh!!!!!!!
    haha I thought the solution was to share XD Mochii is very resolute. lol!!!!

    My thoughts are with Japan as well :(

  2. OMG BUNNIES! so adorable! I used to have a rabbit too, so I really loce bunnies. And Mochi is so naughty;p I hope you enjoy your bunnies and take care of them!

  3. you and quyen's bunnies are way too cute! i have a dutch, too. and i must say, im so obsessed with him! ps; i found ur blog on quyen's fb. the reviews are so insightful =D

  4. haha both are so adoreable *_* so cuteee :D

    nice blog, beauts :)


  5. aww Cute bunnies :)
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  6. Bunnies<3 I used to have a dwarf bunny but he didn't have floppy ears. You and your roommates bunnies are adorable too!

  7. omfg- SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!


  8. ADORABLE bunnies!!! That's an interesting vent btw. All twisted. Hahas.
    Cheers Deb

  9. omg the bunnies are so adorable!!! can you please check out my makeup blog when you have a moment too? i would really appreciate it, your blog is adorable btw.


  10. how CUTE!! this is definitely the cutest blog post I've seen in a while! haha. so cute...i want a bunny now.

  11. Hi Again,

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    Details are on my blog. You don't have to reply or do the award-type thingy, but just lettin you know. :)

  12. omg so adorable <3 white and fluffy!! =p

  13. Omg they're both so cute!! Love your blog, I'm following!:)
    much love <3

  14. Adorable bunnies and cute story!!! I never knew bunnies like to lay on vents, I though only kitties did that. Guess I was wrong =P I love how mochii is trying to push tokii off!!!

  15. aawww❤ soo cute and fluffy, i had a bunny too, but i gave it away :( long story , but now i miss him ..
    but yours are really addorable!



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  17. Haha, omg that's so way cute!!!

    I love your rabbit. Mochii's pink ears are so mad adorable. :)

    The Cat Hag

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  19. OMG, So adorable :D love it :) hope you could keep sharing this kind of pics :D

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  22. OMG ! how cute they are ; ) super super love them XDXD

    My sister also have Holland Lopp. She just labor 6 little bunnies ! ❤

    xoxo ;)

  23. ommmmggg howw cutee!!!
    so adorable

  24. omg omg omg omg please give them to me.......awwwwwwwwwwwwwww *.*
    love them
    nice blog :)
    im your new follower waiting to be followed back by you :)

  25. Aww your bunny is so cute! That's adorable how they both like to lay on top of the heating vent hehe :D Thanks for following btw!

  26. Awesome blog! Love the décor. I'm your newest follower :D luv if you follow back!

  27. ♥Love your blog♥

  28. ooohhh my BUNNIES!!!!

    I miss my bunnies now. :(

    Thanks for sharing. I followed your blog. :)

  29. omg that so cute eh <3

    and lovely header ^_^

  30. sooo cute!! :)

    i'm a new follower.